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Pic 1Looking for a free course for piano?
Did you find it.

This is not a real course, as it lacks the teacher. Instead we speak of a "path" to self-taught and managed by "pianobook", a community of fans of the piano, that all of us. In practice it is to follow a program of pieces, arranged with a progressive difficulty in the public domain, for example, the first level will be used the work of Beyer 101.

What is?

You must create your own your youtube channel (it's free) and load the video recordings of the pieces that run, depending on your level.
Your pieces will be evaluated by the students themselves (and you evaluate the pieces of the other participants, from 1 to 10, bigger is better) and, if they have at least enough (average rating greater than 6), you can proceed to the next level. If you want you can also "reject" the vote (because they are too low) working, doing so in the future to load a new recording of the piece.

The mode of voting will be explained in more detail directly into the forum.

Try to look at for example the first level of the course and to join Level 1.1 (all are free, but right now we are beginning to organize only the first two levels)

If parts from scratch, and the level 1.1. is too difficult, try to follow the course of the elementary level (level 0 and there are also courses from other instruments and theory) at this site (in italian):

paths to self-taught

Pic 2In practice the site contributors select some good resources (websites or pdf) with progressive exercises ordered.

The students will play the exercises and will upload the videos of the exercises done in their youtube channel.

is also expected that in the future, videos will be loaded with the best score on a dedicated YouTube channel that will serve as an example for the students themselves.

The level is too simple for you and do not want to waste time to record all the pieces, and you want to go to the next level? 

There is no problem. Just run only 10 selected pieces (which will be chosen and then announced in the forum) and put to the vote. If you can exceed the average of 8 to the next level. This mechanism is called "pianometro". In practice prevents the trainee to spend time apart too simple and leads to a fairer level of exercise for him.
What happens if you do not reach the average of 8 in pianometro? If you are interested in doing the course will have to do the full program.

For more information send an email here: 

Start now to enroll in the Level 1.1  which is going to start.